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Driving School Teteringen ensures that you become a confident and competent driver. Nowadays, you can start driving lessons as early as the age of 16,5. At Driving School Teteringen we ensure that you are well guided from the very first driving lesson. All our driving instructors have years of experience in providing driving lessons. In addition, with us you’ll always get a designated driving instructor who helps you throughout the learning process. The driving school in Teteringen provides cheap and pleasant driving lessons with one aim, namely to ensure that you obtain your driver’s license. This way, you can take part in traffic with a good feeling and in a safe manner.

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Why take driving lessons at Driving School Teteringen?

When you choose for Driving School Teteringen, you will learn driving in a beautiful and good car. The cars we use as a driving school are modern and always well maintained. This is especially pleasant when driving at 100 km/h on the motorway. Besides driving lessons in Teteringen, we also provide lessons in Rijen, Zevenbergen and Rijsbergen. Moreover, our Driving School Teteringen has an above-average success rate. This is because we rely on the experience of our driving instructors. We can link this experience to a good teaching programme and thus it guides students perfectly. Moreover, we always pick you up and drop you off at home. That way, you don’t have to travel yourself. We accompany you all the way to your practical exam.

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Tailor-made driving lessons at Driving School Teteringen

At our driving school in Teteringen, it is of course important that you can decide for yourself when you want to take your lessons. That is why we have a flexible planning. Are you still at school or at work from 9 to 17? That is no problem for us. We also have driving classes on weekdays until 21:00. It is also possible to take driving lessons with us on Saturdays from 9am to 6pm. So you can always take driving lessons and get your driver’s license despite your work or school! Do you want to get your driver’s license more quickly? That’s possible! It is possible to take a crash course with us. By using this crash course, you can get your driver’s license within 3 weeks. That way, you can get more en faster mileage in a shorter period of time.

Get your driver's license with Driving School Teteringen

Have we got your attention and are you interested in getting your driver’s license at Driving School Teteringen? You can register immediately via an application form on our website. We will then contact you as soon as possible. Do you need some additional information first? Then we are also the right place for you. Contact us and perhaps schedule a trial lesson. By taking a trial lesson, you can get a good idea of the driving school. After the driving lesson, you will know whether we are right for you. Hopefully you will soon be sitting behind the wheel of one of our training cars!

Driving lessons in Teteringen

Teteringen is a church village in the province of North Brabant. The village is also situated in the municipality of Breda. The village is located between the cities of Breda and Oosterhout. Teteringen is connected to the rest of North Brabant via the A27 motorway and is therefore situated at the Breda-Noord exit. When you have a car and your driver’s license, you can enjoy touring through the Netherlands. With a driver’s license, you are not dependent on public transport. Interested? Then get your driver’s license now at Driving School Teteringen!

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