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Get your driver’s license in 3 weeks or less with a crash course? This is certainly possible with us by taking a crash course. Every student is different, which is why the crash course training always starts with a trial lesson. During the trial lesson, the instructor will check and estimate how many lessons you will need based on your entry level of vehicle control and traffic insight. Then a planning is made on the basis of your work or studies.


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Then, when you hit the road, you’ll drive a maximum of 3 to 4 hours a day. More hours a day is not effective, because after 4 hours your concentration and motivation levels are gone and you have reached your limit of how much information you can take in a day. It is important that you take your driving lessons during the day as much as possible, because there is much more traffic during the day. Therefore many more learning and practising opportunities occur. However, it is useful to experience driving at night with little traffic and in the dark a few times.

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You will know the cost of your training immediately after taking your trial lesson. The instructor will estimate how many lessons you will need. This trial lesson is completely free and will not be charged. This will remain an indication of course. Would you like to book a trial lesson with us right now? This can be done very simply and quickly by using the form below!

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