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Illness, insecurity, old age or not having been behind the wheel for years because your partner always drives? Then take a refresher course! In this course, we go through the basics and only the aspects that you have difficulty with. Then take some refresher courses at our driving school. Getting behind the wheel with a good feeling, that you have mastered driving your car to perfection.


Feeling good behind the wheel

It doesn’t matter how old you are for a refresher course. A refresher course can consist of practising a specific part, such as the motorway, or it can be of a more general nature. We think it is important that you can practise the parts you have difficulty with in a calm and safe way. Our coaching style of teaching is well suited to learning with self-insight, so that even without the instructor you can drive with confidence and pleasure again. In consultation with you, we determine how many hours you’ll need. We will come to you here as well.

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