Fear of failure training

You have practised for a long time to make it this far. You know you can do it, but still in the back of your mind you have that gnawing feeling that it will not go well. You sit down in the car and suddenly you know nothing at all. You are so nervous that you can’t even put the car in gear. Or you can’t even think straight anymore, so you can’t carry out your examiner’s assignments properly. Does this sound familiar? Then you probably suffer from fear of failure.

Specialised instructors

We work with instructors who are specialised in dealing with students who suffer from fear of failure. They look at the source of the fear and together with you, they will try to give you enough confidence in your own driving, that your nerves will be reduced as much as possible during your exam. The most important thing to know is that making mistakes during your lessons or even on your exam is no big deal. Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody expects you to do everything right the first time. During your training, your instructor will also point this out to you again and again.

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