Driver training for starters

In this driver training, you’ll learn how to drive properly step by step. This package is intended for people with less or no driving experience. Here, too, it is possible to start by taking a trial lesson. The starter package is intended for students who have little or no driving experience. During the driving lesson, the instructor teaches you traffic insight and builds it up further and further. Besides vehicle control, you will also discuss traffic situations and the behaviour of your fellow road users.

How soon can you get your driver's licence?

You decide how fast your driver training goes. If you want to schedule driving lesson appointments several times a week, you can. If you want, you can get your driver’s license within a month. Do you want to take a longer time to complete your driver training? No problem, the choice is yours! After your trial lesson, we’ll determine together how many driving lessons you need before you can go to the CBR driving test with confidence.

Apply for a trial lesson right now

You can easily request a trial lesson using the form below. This way we can give you an estimate of how many driving lessons you will need. It is completely free of charge to request a trial lesson. Once we receive your request, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the appointment.

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